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{{image url="uploads/stiffener/stiffener.jpg" class="right" alt="An example of a stiffener on wood ceiling joists" title="An example of a stiffener on wood ceiling joists"}}any member, (the material is usually the same as in the assembly, IE wood studs as a stiffener in a wood frame, metal bar stiffeners in a metal joist, etc) that spans perpendicularly across the members and are mechanically attached to them, providing a stiffening effect against [[LateralLoad lateral loads]]

Stiffeners placed in a crossing pattern, or diagonally across joists are known as [[bridging]]

A stiffener can also be a plate that is attached to a component in a system to stabilize it. A common example is a glass [[fin]] in a glass wall system; the [[fin fins]] act as stiffeners to support the main plate.

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