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{{image url="uploads/reveal/reveal.jpg" class="right" alt="This is a reveal at the bottom of a gypsum wall" title="This is a reveal at the bottom of a gypsum wall"}}Typically, a reveal is a depression on the plane of a surface material, or on the edge condition, such as the bottom of a gypsum wall or between a wall and a [[WindowFraming window assembly]]. It is used commonly to create shadow lines, or otherwise provide transitions from material to void, or from material to material. Often in this type of application, the reveal is finished with a reveal strip, a strip of material designed to cover up the rough edge of the surface material.

In [[masonry]], a reveal can also be the area of the masonry wall that is visible between the surface plane of the masonry and the edge of the door/window frame.

In stairs, a reveal can also refer to the space between the top of a [[tread]] to the [[stringer]].

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