Mozy is an online-backup service. The "Mozy Remote Backup" Client software runs continuously on your computer, and when files or directories you tell Mozy to watch change, Mozy will upload your file to their backup servers. All data is private and encrypted, and replicated across several servers so your data is guaranteed to remain safe.

Mozy is highly recommended for all architecture students currently enrolled in classes which require the usage of digital media. mozy will automatically backup all of your coursework for you, and save you hours, if not days worth of work if a critical system error occurs.

Mozy is also recommended for all architects or employees in an architecture office who work with drawings in a digital format. By constantly having the latest version of your drawing files backed up, it saves time and money for both yourself and your clients.

Mozy provides 2gb of backup space for FREE, and if you need more, paid plans are available at monthly or yearly billing periods. Unlimited storage is just $4.95 a month, and if you purchase annual plans, you get free months! Even if you don't upgrade your plan, the free storage is no-strings-attached, and functions with all features, just like the paid plans. There's no reason not to use Mozy, the best backup solution for architecture students and architects available.
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