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a cant is any oblique angle, slanted from the horizontal or vertical planes. it most commonly references the intersection between a [[parapet]] or other vertical wall and the roof plane. this intersection is canted to allow the roof membrane to wrap the corner while reducing the probability the membrane will tear because of the sharp angle. the cant in this instance is commonly a piece of [[insulation]], either fully triangular solid or a strip of [[insulation]] cut into a trapezoidal cross section to fit the angle. cants in other constructions can also be made of other materials, such as [[plywood]].

A cant can also refer to something that helps another component achieve a specific angle. Most commonly, the achieved angle is specifically intended to prevent two materials from touching. For example, a cant strip may lift the edges of the shingles in an [[OpenValley open valley]], preventing it from coming into direct contact with the copper [[flashing]] underneath

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