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{{image url="uploads/WideFlangeSection/wshape.jpg" class="right" alt="Wide Flange Section" title="Wide Flange Section"}} Any beam, commonly metal, where two [[flange flanges]] are connected by a [[web]]. Wide Flange Sections are commonly called a W-Shape.

Wide Flange Sections differ from [[IBeam I-Beams]] in that wide flange sections are formed by welding together 3 metal plates (two for the [[flange flanges]] and one for the [[web]]), whereas [[IBeam I-Beams]] are formed by [[rolling]] or [[extrusion]]. As a result, the [[flange flanges]] in wide flange sections are typically not [[taper tapered]].

**Specifying Wide Flange Sections:**
To specify a W-shape, begin with the prefix W, followed by the depth in inches (this is also the length of the [[web]]), an "x", and then the weight per linear foot in pounds. IE: W12x60

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