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Sometimes it's easier to build something in Autocad and import it into Sketchup. This is especially true for complex windows. Begin by importing a DWG saved as version 2007 or below. Ensure the imported geometry is in its own group. This should happen automatically if you already have something else in your scene. Go into that group and draw over one of the bounding edges. The created surface won't be divided by the inside lines, so select everything and perform a Selection Intersection.
Now we have to seperate the mullion geometry from the panes. Select the surface and put it inside its own group, the individual panes will automatically have their bounding edges redrawn. Go into the mullion group, and push-pull it to add the correct thickness. In this example we'll push/pull two inches in both directions.
Exit the mullion group, select everything, then deselect the mullion group. You can now apply a transparent material to all of the glass panels at the same time. Using this method, you can easily draft complex building facades in Autocad and quickly assemble them in Sketchup.

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