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Welcome to the Intersect with Model tutorial. Sketchup is capable of modeling complex geometry, but only has several basic tools with which one may draw. To achieve these complex geometries, one must be able to modify and build off the the basic tools. One command which is useful for mimicking boolean operations is the Intersect with Model command. This command gives users more versatility than selecting an explicit boolean operation. Create your two unique geometries; in this example we have a curved surface created from the Follow-Me Command, and a simple box, the shape of which we want to remove from the curve. Triple click the box to select all connected, and move it into place. Activate the context menu, and select Intersect with Model. New edges will be drawn where any intersections exist between the selected geometry, in this example, the box, and the rest of the model. Now simply erase the unnecessary geometry to achieve your boolean subtraction.

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