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Video excerpted from an Architectionary sponsored lecture at the New Jersey School of Architecture on 11.11.08.

Architectionary: ...we can introduce another concept which is grouping and components. Groups and components are the equivalent of an Autocad block. So if we were to create a group of geometry, it will be handled separately and distinctly in Sketchup from the other geometry. So normally, if we were to draw on top of this, it would sub-divide the face, but it didn't; it created another surface because this is in a group. To go into a group and edit it, just double-click, and you're now inside that group.
Architectionary: Components are the same as groups, except if you modify one component, all of the other component copies are modified as well. So for example, this is a group. If we were to create a copy and then create a component, and make a copy of that, as we modify one component (...the others will change as well). When you enter into the component editor, the other copies of the components will be highlighted differently from all of the other inactive geometry which indicates we will be modifying that copy of the component. But if you modify a group, the other copies aren't modified.

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