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=====Sketchup Lathe Follow Me Tutorial=====

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Welcome to the Sketchup Lathe Follow-Me Tutorial. Follow-Me is a versatile tool in Sketchup that allows you to follow a circle in order to create lathe objects, or to follow paths to create extrusions. Please see the [[TutorialsFollowMeBasic Follow-Me Basic Tutorial]] for path extrusions. Lathe objects are those where a face is extruded along a circle, to mimic an object created on a wood lathe, and it is useful for modeling things such as stair banisters. To begin, create a circle on the plane that you will be dragging the lathe across. Then, create your geometry perpendicular to the circle. Once the face is drawn, activate the Follow-Me command, and click on the face. Move your mouse along the circle edge, and click once you have brought the lathe a full 360 degrees. Often, when creating lathe objects, the resulting geometry will be reversed, so you might have to reverse the face to apply materials and in order to render it properly.

This is a video tutorial in the [[SketchupTutorials Sketchup Tutorials]] series. If you do not see a video above, you may have a javascript, flash, or ad blocker active, and will need to deactivate it to view the video.

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