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Welcome to the Sketchup Basic Follow-Me Tutorial. Follow-Me is a versatile tool in Sketchup that allows you to drag geometry along a line, or, if you're following a circle, to create lathe objects. In this tutorial we're only going to be dragging geometry along a line, please see the Follow-Me Lathe Tutorial for details on creating lathe objects. When you're performing a Follow-Me command, you'll have basically two things to worry about: the object you will be extruding, and the path that it will follow. There are multiple ways to define a path that you want to follow, but for this tutorial we will be using the basic method of outlining. Create the extrusion geometry perpendicular, or as close as perpendicular as possible, to the path. Also, try to place the geometry onto the path itself, or Sketchup will try to position it for you. Activate the Follow-Me tool, and then click on the extrusion face. Move the mouse over the path that you want to follow, and Sketchup will highlight those edges in red. Follow the path, and when you've achieved the desired result, click to finalize.

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