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=====Sketchup Double Click Repeat Tutorial=====

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Welcome to the Sketchup Double Click Repeat Tutorial. In Sketchup, some commands are defined with just an input value, and so they can be repeated very quickly, simply by telling Sketchup to use previous input. For example, the [[TutorialsPushPull Push/Pull command]] is easily repeated simply by double clicking a face after you Push/Pull another. In addition, the Offset command works the same way; simply specify an initial offset value, and double-clicking a face will offset it the same distance. You can't double-click copy an object- if you want to repeat copy based on previous input, view the [[TutorialsAdvancedCopy Advanced Copy Tutorial]].

This is a video tutorial in the [[SketchupTutorials Sketchup Tutorials]] series. If you do not see a video above, you may have a javascript, flash, or ad blocker active, and will need to deactivate it to view the video.

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