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Video excerpted from an Architectionary sponsored lecture at the New Jersey School of Architecture on 11.11.08.

Architectionary: If for example, you didn’t have – actually, let me get a bathroom for a second – if you didn’t have a bathroom block in Autocad, you can take this, turn off perspective, select the top view, and then export this as a DWG.
Architectionary: Then you’ll have that geometry available for you. If you do this, you’ll notice that these lines are individual lines. That’s because Sketchup will interpolate all of that line data, so you’ll want to run an OVERKILL command (Overkill in Autocad – All) and Autocad will automatically just clean that up for you (it deleted 229 objects) and now these are individual lines.
Audience Question: Is there any way to export a 3-D model of a Sketchup component?
Architectionary: Yes you can- in the exact same way. Instead of exporting a DWG, you simply export a 3D model, and you can save that as an Autocad 3D file as well.

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