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=====Sketchup Advanced Copy Tutorial=====

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Welcome to the Sketchup Advanced Copy Tutorial. To begin, we're going to create a box form to work with (using the [[TutorialsPushPull Push/Pull Command]]). You probably already know the basic method for copying objects, which is to press the Control Key #%Ctrl#% when the Move command is active. However, once you have copied an object, there are two methods to quickly create more based on your previous input. If you type in, for example, **4x**, you will create three additional objects, using the same spacing as your first copy command, for a copy of four times the original object. To fill in a gap with even spacing, simply copy the object to form the bounds, then type in **/5** to fill in the space with four more items, equally spaced, for a total of five equally divided spaces.

This is a video tutorial in the [[SketchupTutorials Sketchup Tutorials]] series. If you do not see a video above, you may have a javascript, flash, or ad blocker active, and will need to deactivate it to view the video.

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