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Welcome to Architectionary! The ultimate architecture dictionary, glossary, and reference

What is Architectionary?
Architectionary is the ultimate resource for architects, architecture students, and of course the general public. We feature hundreds of entries that define a wide array of architectural topics and concepts. Additionally, as architecture extends into the construction industry, many construction terms and concepts have entries. Many entries are illustrated, and new definitions are constantly being added.

What else does Architectionary provide besides definitions?
Architectionary is not only the ultimate architecture dictionary, we feature the Architectionary Block Library, a valuable free resource for architects. Unlike many other Autocad block libraries available, the Architectionary Block Library is completely free to use and download, with no registration necessary, and features a powerful block search engine to quickly locate the exact block you want. Additionally, we are constantly creating free video Sketchup Tutorials; these tutorials cover a wide range of Google Sketchup modeling techniques, tips, and concepts. The best part is, like all the other Architectionary features, these videos are available for free.

How can I verify the veracity of information on this website?
Just as you would never write a term paper using only one source, you should be considering a wide range of resources for your architectural knowledge. We hope you consider Architectionary one of the more valuable resources, and accordingly editors error check and verify definitions and entries for new and recently edited articles. Each article will have the owner's profile page linked at the bottom red bar, and you can review the credentials of the owner and editor from there.

How do I use the Search Engine?
If you know the word that you want defined, simply enter it into any search box and if an entry exists, you will be brought to it. Alternatively, you can try to define the concept you are thinking of, and Architectionary will list all words that have relevance to your query. For example, by searching for "sill", your results will include the entry for sill, in addition to any entry that mentions sill.

How can I leave feedback or contact the owner?
The chief editor and owner is MicroZeta; you are able to leave messages on the profile page.

Useful pages: Formatting Guide for entries, Pages without links into them, Pages missing entries.

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